Lead Management Dashoard

The Complete Solution for Sales & Marketing

Powerful, Easy to use and Fully customizable Lead Management CRM. Sanity OS creates an instant uplift in sales and marketing productivity from the moment its used by any Business.

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Easy to use features

Sanity OS moulds to the way your business works and not the other way around. Begin using all of its powerful features in the most logical environment you'll ever find in a CRM or lead management solution.

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Check-In On the Move

Sanity OS is "cross-platform" Ready. This means that you can login on virtually any device to see how your sales Databases are progressing when you're out of the office.

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Marketing Emails

Email Marketing is a great tool to open up dialog with prospects that's why Sanity OS integrates with all major Mass Email Marketing Services -Letting you keep all your resources in one tidy environment.

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