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Sanity OS is a technology company that specializes in Lead management and CRM software.

Social media

  • Easy Reporting
  • Send Emails
  • Appointment calendar
  • Webhooks
  • Call Reminders
  • Send Bulk Emails
  • Contact Management
  • Contact activity
  • Activity Tracking
  • Email templates
  • Web Forms
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Intelligence
  • API

Powerful Features on Demand

Whether you need to send an Email, organise a call back OR make an appointment for your sales team - we’ve got you covered. Every reason you ever needed to drop your clunky CRM system or Excel Spreadsheets is right here.

Helps you to stay Organised

In Sanity OS you define what separates leads & contacts. Use terminology that resonates with your business to segment deal stages and contacts. Keep organized is easy and thanks to it's customizable architecture there isn’t a business out there that can’t benefit from Saniity OS.

Telemarketing CRM

Helps Increase Productivity

Accelerate results with laser focus. Set up queues that distribute leads to your team in prioority of conversion likeyhood. Sanity OS adopts Cold Calling 2.0 principles (created by Aaron Ross from Predictable Revenue) in it’s queue feature and lets you dynamically adjust who your team are contacting whenever the “Next” button is used.

Track, Grow & Stay Organised

In order for your business to grow and survive does your company need to contact and market your products or services to potential prospects? Does it need to be prompt and send your prospects information when they request it and do you need to organise oopportunities and book appointments for your sales team to close these deals?

Sanity OS has the power to transform your company’s productivity in just a few simple steps. Start Your Free Trial See Pricing

Who is Sanity OS For?

B2B Business

Because Sanity OS is so customizable pretty much any B2B business can get a great deal of value from using it. Whether you work alone or have a workforce of upto 500 users we are cettain you’ll achieve all the goals you need to when using Sanity OS.


  • Telemarketing Agencies
  • Digital Agencies
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Customer Service Agencies
  • Property Estate Agencies


  • Scalable - Add/Remove users as you need
  • Easy to use - No training required
  • No Contracts - Cancel Anytime!
  • Competitive -Limitless Features
  • Capture Leads from Everywhere
  • Helps you stay organised