More than 1000 users in 5 Countries Sanity OS.


"The Best CRM on the Market. We've come across & tried a lot of systems nothing matches up to Sanity OS! "

Michael Winniczuk -The Media Octopus

"We are really pleased that we selected Sanity OS as our CRM partner -It's a powerful and intuitive system".

Jo Withers - Versatile TeleMarketing

"A great company to work with, Sanity OS is one of those rare applications that really can help you win new business".

Clive Hornsby -Conflux Consultants


"SanityOS is a highly intuitive, easy to use & powerful platform for telemarketing, business development & lead nurturing".

Martin Pickering -Amp Telemarketing

"Sanity OS has innovated the approach to CRM. Not only is it easy to use and cost effective it's the best for delivering results".

Kevin Ireson - Touchstone Leads

"A logical and practical Business Development tool. Great for nurturing leeds to successful conversion- Highly recommended".

Nigel Mphisa -Bettr Solutions

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