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Telemarketing CRM

With the world going crazy over inbound marketing it’s no surprise that CRM and Lead management systems are becoming less focused on outbound productivity in fact, they can be a bit of a backward revolution for B2B Businesses and Agencies that rely on telemarketing and follow ups.

Successful businesses that use telemarketing focus on maximizing productivity to beat the odds of failure whilst CRM systems are starting to focus more on features like page builders, visitor tracking and automated chat bots —Not very well aligned right?

What's the best CRM for Telemarketing?

We're glad you asked, Sanity OS is trusted by thousands of B2B Businesses, Telemarketing Agencies and Cold Calling Experts to help them increase productivity and manage their leads more efficiently. Powerful queues, Real-Time intelligence about prospects and access to vital tools such as email templates are just a handful of features that make Sanity OS so great for prospecting, lead generation and appointment setting.

What advantages are there for using Sanity OS as a Telemarketing CRM?

Sanity OS is productivity centric, it enables your team to work from the same lists in complete harmony with one another without clashing into the same opportunity at the same time. It seamlessly creates reports that can be shared with stake holders (Even if they don't have a login) and creates a gamified environment to encourage your team to smash their targets.

Is there more to Sanity OS than just Telemarketing features?

Yes of course! Sanity OS combines features from CRM & Lead management tools just like its cloud-based counterparts. Our users can still send email broadcasts, manage, leads or contacts and even build web forms to capture inbound leads as well. Take a look at our Features page for more information.

Telemarketing CRM for Companies that mean Business.

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