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Organization and time management will make or break your startup business.

The Biggest Mistake a Startup can make

One of the biggest mistakes a fledgling small or medium sized company can do is to forego using a quality CRM (Customer Relationship Management) OR Lead management system. Lead management software is an extremely important sales tool for any startup business. Many businesses startup with complicated systems that are in all fairness over-priced and clunky but more to the point impossible to use!

SanityOS is a CRM designed to serve the needs of any business that relies on lead/demand generation, telesales, email marketing and call center sales forces, regardless of size. Sanity OS has become an extremely popular sales tool for startups and growing businesses.

SanityOS is a versatile and scalable sales tool for startups.

When starting a business size matters thats why Sanity OS lets you Pay-as-you-Grow. Scale the size of your team (up or down) in just a few simple clicks to suit the needs and success of your business. All users have unlimited access to all of SanityOS’s amazing features which includes standard email support.

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360° View of Leads & Sales

By recording data from out/inbound calls, booking appointments, scheduling follow up calls and emailing customers, SanityOS is the most efficient and practical lead management CRM available. An increasingly important quality to look for is cross platform compatibility. Thousands of startup businesses have failed simply from the struggle of having employees use CRM software correctly.

Without effective organization vital leads, information and money-making opportunities will slip through the cracks- No startup or small business has that disposable income.

Be more productive

Why lose time and resources when an adaptable lead management system can manage the details for you? The past year saw a marked increase in lead management software usage on mobile devices, which makes complete sense. This enables employees to work from a variety of settings, reducing hiring and employment costs overall.

Don't waste time sorting through the frills and unneeded features of other lead management software. Streamline your business, store and organize customer/client information and keep employees on task.

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