Sales Tools For Startups

Grow your startup with Sanity OS

Bootstrap companies spring up every day and part of their success relies on how efficiently they are able to operate. Sanity OS is an excellent sales tool for startups because it includes everything a new business needs to be more productive. Useful browser plugins that assist with prospecting as well as webhooks that can be used in conjunction with other great tools like Zapier can help automate tasks and are included with every license.

versatile and scalable sales tool for startups.

Sanity OS lets you Pay-as-you-Grow and there are no pesky contracts if you need to cancel. You can easily scale the size of your team (up or down) in just a few simple clicks to suit the needs and success of your business. All users have unlimited access to all of SanityOS’s great features which includes standard email support.

360° View of Leads & Sales

A busy founder needs a square root solution to see everything about their sales and prospects quickly. By logging in on virtually any device you can quickly see a 360° view of your your leads and team performance in real-time.

Kickstart your Business

Use Sanity OS to stay organised and scale your new venture. Everything you need is available within a smart and easy to use environment.

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