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Lead management is the process of tracking and nurturing opportunities in various stages through to revenue generation- Organizations of all sizes consider this to be one of the most vital factors related to their success. Sanity OS enables individuals and teams with the necessary tools needed to convert more leads in to sales.

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How to Qualify Leads

Qualifying a lead is the step involved in confirming that a business or individual you have targeted has expressed interest in becoming a customer or engaging further. A qualified lead means it has been nurtured and has a trail of associated information such as notes and emails from previous discusions.

Different businesses have varying stages that determine what actually qualifies a lead. Sanity OS is special because it lets you choose the terminology and stages that work best for your business and target industry.

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Lead Management VS CRM

Lead management software is a topic that is being discussed more now than ever but what's the difference between Lead management software and CRM? If your company is looking for a tool to convert leads into customers or generate more sales then Lead management software is probably the best choice for your business.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Over the years CRM systems have evolved and adapted to include more features and workflows. Some CRM systems can be expensive and because their features have been "bolted on" over the years without correct planning they can often be quite difficult and counter-productive to use.

Sanity OS is the perfect blend of Lead management software and CRM, it's feature rich however every single function within our software is based around user-friendly and productive architecture- Which means you won't need an expert or costly consultant to help you use it.

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Lead distribution

Why Lead Distribution?

Lead distribution is a workflow that has been designed to increase sales productivity. In Sanity OS you can create a Database, assign the permissions of your dataset to the team that will be generating sales and watch their results in real-time, from virtually any device. Lead distribution also means your team can work from anywhere on the same Database without needing to worry about handling the same lead twice.

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In order for your business to grow and survive does your company need to contact and market your products or services to potential prospects? Does it need to be prompt and send your prospects information when they request it and do you need to organise opportunities and book appointments for your sales team to close these deals? Chances are you've answered yes to most/all of the above questions and if so SanityOS has the power to transform your company's productivity in just a few simple steps.

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