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Online Lead Management- Introduction

Lead management is the process of tracking and nurturing opportunities in various stages through to revenue generation- Organizations of all sizes consider this to be one of the most vital factors related to their success. Sanity OS enables individuals and teams with the necessary tools needed to convert more leads in to sales.

What is the difference between Lead management and CRM?

There are probably a million different answers for this question. Lead management systems have evolved to include elements of relationship management and CRM systems have evolved to include lead management features. The short answer is they are virtually the same and the best way to choose a solution for your business is to evaluate it's features.

How do I qualify leads for my business?

Qualifying a lead is the step involved in confirming that a business or individual you have targeted has expressed interest in becoming a customer or engaging further. A qualified lead means it has been nurtured and has a trail of associated information such as notes and emails from previous discusions.

Businesses widely vary in practice for their pursuit to lead generation and conversion. Many businesses still research ideal suspects and qualify them using the phone whilst more practices such as social, web and email marketing are becoming more popular.

Each practice has its own set of benefits and pitfalls. The ideal method of qualifying leads is purely down to the target industry and there is no "one size fits all" answer. Experiment and create strategies based on results of multiple channels. Contrary to speculation Cold Calling or Telemarketing is not dead and shouldn't be ruled out in fact for many organisations with the correct strategy still yeild the highest ROI in comparison to digital alternatives.

Do I need to use CRM or Lead management software to grow my business?

Remember that the success of an organisation is in the hands of its practitioner and a well planned strategy. Software is purely a tool and should be used to increase efficiency. For example, if you're using spreadsheets to track discussions and activity in conjunction with other tools such as email and calendars- you should definately think about investing in a lead management tool like Sanity OS.

Track, Grow & Stay Organised

In order for your business to grow and survive does your company need to contact and market your products or services to potential prospects? Does it need to be promt and send your prospects information when they request it and do you need to organise opportunities and book appointments for your sales team to close these deals?

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