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Manage Your Leads & Contacts Like Never Before!

Built in Data Enhancement & Intelligence

Transform partial lead or contact information into complete profiles including company details, emails and social media accounts with built in data-enhancement.

360 Degree Activity Tracking

Track everything about contacts and prospects including updated notes from discussions, upcoming meetings, emails sent, emails opened or clicked and lots more.

See what you want, where you want

Easily customise how your contacts & leads are displayed. Choose the fields you want to see and where you want to see them. Add, move, remove, rename -It's as easy as 123.

Every CRM System should let you have more than one Database

The Separation of Data is important for Everyone!

...It makes life much easier too. Having the ability to easily build multple databases within a single CRM makes Sanity OS more scalable and flexible than any other solution.

Customise or Standardise - It’s entirely your choice

Build custom fields for every Database OR RE-use a structure that you’re already using.

The easiest Import Process you’ll ever use

There isn’t a CRM on this planet that can import your leads & contacts like Sanity OS. It removes duplicates, it’s fast and mapping fields from your spreadsheet into our CRM is effortless.

Appointments & Follow ups - With Calendar Sync!

Effortlessly book follow up calls, appointments and set reminders

No traning required... it just works

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Send & Track Emails

Unlimited Recyclable Templates

When you or your team are speaking to prospects or clients about a product or service it's highly likely they will request more info. Recyclable Email templates are the perfect solution for saving time and getting the requested information sent promptly.

Bulk & Regular Email Tracking

Whether you’re sending a single email or scheduling a bulk message Sanity OS will let you track it’s open and click rate.

Get Personal with clever merge tags

Every email you send from Sanity OS can be effortlessly personalised using tags from your custom fields.

Build Webforms or Integrate your Website with our API

Receive notifications in Real-Time whenever a visitor completes a form on your website.

Web form Builder

A drag and drop interface that lets you easily build web forms to embed on any website. It also provides you with API in case you want use your own design.

View In Bound Leads

A dedicated table that displays all in bound leads captures from your contract form. It lets you edit the lead right to the point of

Beautiful Reports that do the Heavy Lifting... So you dont have to!

“Get me a report by Monday”

For most sales and office managers these dreaded words can mean hours out of personal time figuring out how to get their CRM or Spreadsheet to give them basic information about their activity. Let our software do the heavy lifting! Sanity OS will seamlessly create reports and let you share them with stake holders that don't have a login.

Web Hooks that let you trigger information to virtually any system!

Boost Productivity with Lead & Opportunity Distribution

Boost the productivity of lead gen and prospecting using our queuing feature. Sanity OS will evenly distribute leads to your team making overlap and clashing of workflow virtually impossible.

Telemarketing CRM

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