Email Marketing

Sending Marketing Emails are a great way to start conversations with prospects. Sanity OS lets you segment and send marketing emails with Real-Time tracking conveniently putting you in front of contacts and opporunties with the highest open and click-through rates.

Bulk email sending

Individual Emails

Sending more information is a part of any good lead conversion Database. Sanity OS lets you store Email templates so they can be sent as quickly as they are requested to a prospect. Sanity OS personalizes emails by addressing them to the lead you are working on, you can write a new email quite easily as well. Things such as Emails sent and booked appointments are seamlessly recorded in the notes.

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Email Deliverability

Sanity OS integrates with the best email delivery services without the need for any middleware applications. We've partnered with the likes of SparkPost to extend their great service to our customers. You can open a free SparkPost account and begin sending emails to your contacts in Sanity OS in literally minutes.

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