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What makes SanityOS Call center CRM special

Organization and data collation will give your call center sales company the ability to maximize time and profit.

SanityOS is a smart and easy-to-use lead management software that works great for small to medium businesses. The software is also proven to work extremely well as a call center CRM system, offering various features designed to keep your workflow steady.

Companies that have a professional CRM to track all of their applicant communications and information are 40% more likely to be “best in class”.

When it comes to lead management software, SanityOS has what startups, sales and teleservice companies need to prosper.

Technology has made it possible for call center and sales focused employees to work from a variety of locations.

This creates a strong need for a quality lead management software that can record data from calls, email customers, book appointments and follow up with clients regardless of location and device.

SanityOS is a great cross platform call center CRM that works across all of your devices, without the need for any downloads.

Monitoring the productivity of work-from-home employees is crucial and SanityOS has crafted a unique CRM that will save employers time and money.

With an ever-growing need for mobile access to information, cloud based CRM solutions are becoming an integral part of any quality call center CRM.

Over 87% of businesses are using a cloud based CRM system, meaning more information is being accessed remotely.

SanityOS is a cloud based lead management software, making all of your important data available at anytime, from anywhere.

Storage capabilities are limitless, making cloud storage a smart solution for ever-growing companies and call centers.

If you are a sales driven organisation, teleservices or call center company, relying on inbound and outbound calls for revenue, an easy-to-use and powerful call center CRM will vastly improve your organizational skills and avoid losing customers due to sloppy data handling.

SanityOS will transform your company’s productivity, increase customer retention, improving workflow for your employees and making you the money you deserve!

Try SanityOS and start improving your company’s future today! 

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