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CRM For B2B Business

Sanity OS is built with Multi-tenant Database Architecture. Jargon aside, it's a one of a kind solution that can save you a lot of time, money and resources in comparison to solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. If you are a B2B business of any kind that needs a friendly and flexible CRM solution or perhaps needs to start using one Sanity OS will fit like a glove.

Make it yours

With a few clicks you can customise Sanity OS as if it was built specifically for your business. Custom fields and stages are automatically used to generate reports and also become tags for you to use in emails and web forms. Everything about sanity OS is a revolutionary change to how CRM systems are used.

What about my Team, Will it be hard for them to use?

Sanity OS is easy to use and adopt. Anyone can get started without training or prior CRM experience so time and investment on training new staff as your business grows will be the least of your worries.

Sanity OS displays unified results in Real-Time and carries the traits of gamification to encourage productivity.

I run more than one business do I need a separate CRM for each one?

In regular CRM systems you would need to buy a separate CRM license for each business. In Sanity OS you can manage all of your businesses with one single license. It's as easy as creating a new database for each business and giving the relevant members of your team access to it.

Easy to use B2B CRM

Empower your business with the most flexible CRM system available. Data-enrichment, unlimited storage and zero lock-ins makes us a powerful and attractive alternative to enterprise systems.

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