About Us

With a combined 70 years experience in Software and IT the management team at Sanity OS founded the company to offer businesses an easy to use alternative to traditional CRM systems. We found that CRM and Lead management systems don't meet the core objectives and needs of a business out of the box. Many solutions force companies to change workflow and hire consultants to train their staff on how to get the most from their software- to say the least, this drove us insane!

Introducing Sanity OS

Known also as SOS for short, Sanity OS is a cloud based Lead management solution. The wise old owl in our logo resembles Sanity in reflection of our ethos to build software solutions that increase productivity and reduce frustration.

We've developed our software using smart cloud-based technology that enables us to deliver punchy performance and cutting-edge features at a low monthly cost per user.

Got any Questions?

We're based in the United Kingdom with offices in Northamptonshire and London. Our current user base spans across four countries and our support network operate through multiple timezones to ensure we are on hand when you need us. If you have any questions or perhaps you'd like to book a Web Ex demo why not get in touch with us?

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